Supercharge your brand's loyalty through the power of Web3.

On3 turns your customers into superfans, increases engagement, and drives more revenue.


This is

Loyalty 3.0

Consumers are so Web 2.0. Collaborators, co-creators, co-innovators and co-contributors are the new era of brand loyalty. We call them your superfans.


More engaged

Your customers are your brands most valuable asset. On3 actively engages them through rewards and gamification to unlock your brands superpower, your superfans.


More revenue

With a next-generation loyalty program in place, superfans increase either their purchase frequency or basket size or both, increasing your brand's revenue by up to 25%.


Avg. in cost savings

Our intuitive end-to-end platform means you can be live within minutes, not months. With zero development costs and no expensive overheads, it really is as easy as 1-2-3.

As easyas 1-2-3

Launch your next-generation loyalty and rewards program that creates more engaged and more loyal customers, underpinned by Web3.

Step 1


Understand what behaviors to incentivize and launch engaging digital campaigns aligned with your brand's goals, with the full force of your community behind you.

Step 2


Reward your fans like never before with points or on-chain tokens that can be redeemed for digital collectibles, exclusive experiences, physical items, partnerships, and more.

Step 3


Get unique and detailed insights about your superfans and wider community, combined with powerful on-chain data. Use this to grow, reassess, and personalize like never before.

Powering communities from allaround the globe


total superfans


digital collectibles traded


total unique holders

— real locations of superfans part of communities powered by On3.

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